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We have a question for you. If you could choose between learning a topic at school or learning that same topic at summer camp, where would you choose to learn it?
At ON-SITE, we like to think of ourselves as a year-round summer camp for grown ups! By teaching first aid & CPR through play - games, interactive scenarios and teambuilding activities - we engage our participants, which helps them learn skills faster and retain skills longer. Yes, school has a time and place, but we think summer camp is more fun!

Serving groups within the Greater Toronto Area, ON-SITE provides instruction and certification in First Aid, CPR and AED through the LifeSaving Society of Canada.

Are you a corporate team, group in the community, or an individual looking to broaden your first aid horizons? If so, we want to bring relevant first aid skills to you!

We are a WSIB-Accredited training program.

Customized Training Solutions. are what we do best.

We are excited to announce that ON-SITE uses
Prestan Manikin CPR training dummies, the most
technologically advanced mannequins on the market.
Experience the unique infant, child and adult
in every ON-SITE training session.


"My experience with ON-SITE First Aid was excellent! Diana is a very engaging teacher that is enthusiastic and uses interactive teaching methods to help understand and retain the material. The course I took was tailored to the type of first aid that I needed to know and all the information taught was very relevant. I would highly recommend ON-SITE First Aid for all ages and groups, large or small. Diana is an excellent instructor and you will really enjoy your time learning first aid with her."

Laura Garner (Toronto)
Fourth Year Engineering Student

Prestan Manikins